Grandma says…

grandmasaysIntroducing a new feature: advice from a generation who knew that cheap was cheerful! Kicking us off, the wonderful Granny Ailsa from Bambooty Real Nappies

I’m a new granny!

I don’t give advice but I’ll tell you a story! Make of it what you will….

I’ve got form – I changed nappies by candlelight! Even my mother didn’t do that!

I was a new mum with a fifteen month old and very pregnant again during “The Winter of Discontent” 1978-79. Power was cut off on rotation and the emergency speed limit instituted to reduce fuel consumption was 50mph.

Breastfeeding was a necessity as I couldn’t afford babymilk.

Disposables? Ha! If only….

I look back and consider myself blessed and privileged. These were happy days as a young family.

So what made it special? Well I made friends with (some of) my neighbours and shared the trials and tribulations of bringing up my children with the other families in my physical community. And we got organised! My children rarely ate on their own. We took turns to cook lunches and children’s tea or organised picnics. I learnt on the job from other mothers. Food was simple and freshly cooked and nothing went to waste.

The mantra of the 70s was – “They’re not left-overs…only ingredients.”

Now 2013 – “The most expensive food you buy is the food you throw away” would have left us incredulous! But, then, they hadn’t, yet, thought up “best before” dates!

Granny Ailsa xx