What Happens When You Leave A City Slicker Family In The Forest?


I’m been trying to start this post for a while now and, for the first time since I started this blog, I’m truly stumped. Our week at Tinkers’ Bubble  – an experimental, eco-community living completely off grid in the forest outside Yeovil – was pretty wild. Extraordinary. Hard, beautiful, fascinating, infuriating and inspiring. We worked … Read more



It’s free, fools, and it’s an extremely powerful look (see above). So make bird watching your free activity this week. [You try writing a ‘how to guide’ to bird watching and wait till the horrorful realisation hits you that it’s almost impossible not to sound like Pippa Middleton: ‘if you like birds and also enjoy … Read more

The Truth About Baby ‘Poo


Eurgh, no! Not that kind…. SHAMpoo. Honestly, what kind of a girl do you think I am? I’ve just washed (‘bathed’ sounds all wrong for a process that left me soaked through… ‘water wrestled’?) I’ve just water-wrestled the boy into some semblance of cleanliness before bed and remembered a whole area of expenditure I left off ‘The Rules’ but eagle eyed readers … Read more

The Rules: Revamped


So. You have spoken. And here’s the result. The grand reveal: our new rules for 2014… In essence, the old rules stand. No spending AT ALL on kiddy products: not on kids clothes, not on toys, not on activities, or kiddy foods, magazines, haircuts, nappies etc etc. Nada. EXCEPT, this year… We get 12 ‘get out of jail … Read more