Blogging: Does It Ever Get In The Way Of Just Living?

We had a brilliant Saturday. Johnny and I got up before Tom and walked down our local high street together in the weak sunshine – even Friday night’s discarded pizza boxes had a jaunty look in the early morning light – and I thought: this would make quite a sweet picture for the blog.

We bought croissants, the Saturday paper and some custard tarts straight out of the oven at the scruffy Portuguese cafe where the round, stubbly cook gave J a lolly pop and squeezed his cheek, and I thought: I should really take a picture for the blog.

We had breakfast in the garden, crumbs in the scattered newspapers, and then started digging and soaking the earth in our vegetable garden, planting carrots, radishes, lettuce, squash, potatoes, beetroot and kale. And I thought: I REALLY should be taking pictures for the blog now.

My oldest friend came down from Newcastle and we had a long, late roast for lunch with the back doors open to the fresh air and then decided, on a whim, to get in the car with the crossword and head for the coast. We walked along the ugly-beautiful beach at Leigh on Sea and suddenly it was half seven so we bought fish, chips and mushy peas and sat on a park bench with a view of the sea – a delicious, dirty, dinner with three of my favourite people. And I thought: crap, all these great moments and I haven’t taken any pictures at all.

But the thing was, there just wasn’t time. Actually, that’s a lie. There was plenty of time but it would have broken the lazy loveliness with which the day was unfurling. I didn’t want to interrupt the way things were just rolling along, perfectly and unplanned, by jittering around, thrusting an iPhone in people’s faces and trying to make something that was already great ‘picture perfect’ with a different angle and one last snap. I didn’t, really, want to have to think myself. I just wanted to enjoy it.

Up till now, in my short life as a novice blogger, I’ve found the opposite – knowing that I’m going to have to write something soon gives me the kick up the proverbial posterior that I need in order to organise my time better and focus my attention on doing positive stuff. Just not this time. Does this happen to you, other bloggers? Does it happen to the more expert ones? Or is it just that I’m a beginner?