FOK Takes The Revolution To Latitude, The Telegraph And Kids Parties (DIY: Superhero Capes)


It’s been a strange summer so far. For the past month or so I have mostly… been thinking that perhaps we should have given John a more radical name. It started at Latitude, where our mostly naked baby ran around in the dust between the trees alternately shouting: “Let’s see the whittling man!” and, slightly … Read more

Ask A Midwife: What Do You REALLY Need During… Pregnancy?


So this is very exciting. A blog post I’ve been anticipating more eagerly than my daily ration of fizzy cola bottles (what? I’m pregnant you know…) In the first of a series, Clemmie Hoper – miracle midwife, mother and modern-day super woman – lays out what you really need to get you through pregnancy. In the coming weeks she’s also going to examine the … Read more