Slow Parenting?


There’s nothing I hate more than parenting vogues… Last year, the American news channel NBC ran a story on us under the headline ‘Minimalist Mom’. It was a lovely piece but I nearly died. I mean, honestly. Show me the parent who has the time to come up with a coherent, sterile ‘parenting philosophy’ rather than … Read more

DIY: Advent Calendar

DIY Calendar

What are you all doing about advent calendars? We’ve cheated, a little. When I was little (not as little as J, but still) someone bought me an amazing book: Jostein Gaarder’s The Christmas Mystery. Each chapter is a day of advent, so you get to read a chapter a day throughout December. It’s meant for older … Read more

Ask A Midwife: What Do You REALLY Need During… Pregnancy?


So this is very exciting. A blog post I’ve been anticipating more eagerly than my daily ration of fizzy cola bottles (what? I’m pregnant you know…) In the first of a series, Clemmie Hoper – miracle midwife, mother and modern-day super woman – lays out what you really need to get you through pregnancy. In the coming weeks she’s also going to examine the … Read more

Me, me, me


(I used to live on a houseboat. It might sound idyllic but it was actually more than a little surreal. The boys from the estate opposite used to throw stones at the boat, so the man I lived with took to keeping slingshots by the windows.) ——– A few people have asked whether I’ll be … Read more