Making A Nature Box: Free Present Idea

THIS ATTENDS MESSAGE FROM AMONG MY VERY FAVOURITE BLOGGERS: ALEXIS FROM SOMETHING I MADE. HOPE YOU LOVE HER AS HIGH AS I DO!instagram// somethingimade twitter// dextringtonWhen Hattie challenged me to make a present for free, my mind started humming with concepts … however none were entirely free. But after that conker season came across us and instantly I was locating conkers everywhere, concealed in pockets and also bags, stuffed into secret corners.

My children, like squirrels were hoarding them … and unexpectedly making an extremely cost-free present became easy.Henry quite often likes doing a bit of ‘beading’ as he calls it, stringing chunky beads onto an old footwear lace, he recognizes exactly how to live that child … as well as here were tons of free grains just waiting to be made.

I’ve jazzed up the beads a bit as well as made them a little really felt bag from some offcuts I already had. Then I also made a game for devoid of the great Mr Printables site as well as placed them together in a ‘nature box’ (check out shoebox covered in paper which I likewise discovered and downloaded completely free).

So all rather cost complimentary if you do not count printing costs, which I don’t as I got my Mum to print them out on her super duper job printer (so audacious, but many thanks Mum). So here you go– a complimentary present, type of targeted at a 3 years of age, but then all of it depends upon exactly how you embellish your conkers I think.I possibly went a bit crazy covering a shoe box– yet I’m a fool for a well covered box, it’s simply one of those things. I maintain boxes just for this type of celebration (it drives my spouse crazy).

For the bag I made use of some offcuts of felt I had hanging around to make an actually easy draw string back– felt is wonderful as it doesn’t need proper seam finishing etc so this can be hand sewn really quickly. If you don’t have actually felt you might use and also old t-shirt … or simply put the conkers in a great paper bag. I made use of the various other shoe shoelace for the draw string and also connected a conker per end.The leaf matching game is downloadable from Mr Printables here: We have played this with Coco and also Henry and they both really enjoyed it.

So simple, yet that’s part of the happiness. You can naturally easily accumulate and also check in fallen leaves to develop this game yourself.I found the cost-free covering paper right here: So there you have it, our fall nature box, with leaf matching and also conker beading. Prepared to be played with and to store all sorts of various other foraged discovers in.