Aaaaaand… Relax (Our Slow Holiday)

4 people

6 days and nights

1 cottage

1 stream

1 brave swim

100′s of welly splashes/stone throwing/leaf netting visits to the stream






0 internet connection

0 phone reception

0 landline

0 TV

5 cars a day passing on the track outside




4 rain storms

12 sunny spells

4 beaches

100s of amazing views

13 walks

3 tantrums

1 attempted leap over a cliff




6 open fires

2 fresh lobsters, bought from ‘Fish Mabel, down the little alleyway, next to The Shop’, pulled from the sea that morning by Mabel’s son

1 beautiful beef joint

1 river trout

3 fresh crab sandwiches

1 rack of lamb

4 full fry up breakfasts

1 million ice creams




6 evenings of hearing only owls, the stream and creaking trees

6 mornings of waking up to birdsong, the stream and creaking trees

1 accidental encounter with a naked hippy in a bobble hat

2 finished books

4 layers of woolies (often)

4 revived minds

4 healthy bodies (discounting the ice cream, the cakes, the 2 tonne mountain of cheese

(You can see more of where we went here. This isn’t a sponsored post, it was just honestly the best British holiday I’ve ever been on.)